woensdag 30 november 2011

I've got mail

It was december 1985 when we met.
She had a boyfriend in the Netherlands and he had invited her over for Xmas. In the midst of all this he had forgotten to find her a place.
My home became her 'stable' to 'hang her hat"
We hit it of, and much longer than the love for her boyfriend.
It was the mutual interest in chocolates and tea!
She lives in Spokane, Washington and she has visited me on different occacions in the different countries I have lived in.
Somehow I have never managed it to get myself over to Spokane, maybe one day.

Any how; this is what I found today!
All the way from the USA

Spokane Wa to be exact

and in it two wonderful magazines!

and a card of some sexy guy in a Xmasy outfit!!

Thanks for the lovely surprize Chrystal. I'll read them this weekend!



5 opmerkingen:

Jane in Wales zei

Heerlijk, zo'n gezellige verrassing in de post! Geniet ervan!

Rennie zei

What a lucky girl you are with such a good friend and such amazing presents.

Willy zei

Wat een lieve verrassing.
Geniet ervan, groetjes

Anoniem zei

wat leuk Judith, zo zie je maar wel uit het oog maar niet uit het hart
wat een leuke verrassing voor je


Wieke van Keulen zei